Where do your donations go?

The TALAN Foundation contributes to funding and supporting clinical and applied research by offering scholarships for excellence to university students whose research project is related to TALAN and by supporting the research activities of the Laboratory for Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology (L√ČNEA).

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Scholarship Program

The 2023 Scholarship Program will open in May 2023

You will be able to view all the details in the 2023 TALAN Foundation Scholarship Program

Previous years:


The Laboratory for Studies in Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology was established in 2014 by Bruno Gauthier, president and founder of the TALAN Foundation. He initially created the Foundation to support the NLET, which specializes in TALAN research.

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The research

Donations to the TALAN Foundation are used to: 1) establish and maintain the required facilities, 2) compensate participants and hire research staff, and 3) disseminate knowledge to the general public and to knowledge users in the health and education systems who may work with TALAN.

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How to help us

Whether you make a donation, volunteer or participate in a giving campaign, you will be making a difference.