TALAN 2023 scholarship program

The recipients of the 6th edition of the TALAN Scholarship Program are :

1st PRIZE: Pamela McMahon Morin, Université de Montréal

Project title: Supporting the participation of students with language and communication difficulties in classroom reading: a path to a more inclusive classroom! 

Project summary: To be inclusive, classrooms must encourage the participation of all children. To achieve this, teachers need to adapt their communication so that all children can participate, express themselves and understand in classroom activities. In this study, a speech therapist facilitated interactive reading in kindergarten classes. The impact of these activities on the participation of six children with different diagnoses affecting language and communication will be measured. In addition, this study will measure if, and how, these activities enabled the children's teachers to better support their participation during story reading, enhancing the language stimulation offered to them in the classroom. 

2nd PRIZE: Florence Renaud, Université Montréal, for her project:

Project title: Social interaction, language skills and motor skills in children with developmental coordination disorders. 

Project summary: It is recognized that children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) have more mental health issues. Previous research identifies social interactions as a bridge between motor skills and mental health. Social interactions are poorly documented in children with a diagnosis of CDD, especially considering that CDD is frequently comorbid with language impairment. Moreover, language skills are also associated with social interactions and mental health issues in children. Clarifying the role played by motor skills and language skills on social interactions is essential to prevent future difficulties.