TALAN Fellowship Program

The 6th edition of the TALAN Scholarship Program is now available!

The TALAN Foundation is pleased to offer its Scholarship of Excellence Program to students at Canadian universities. The TALAN Foundation aims to promote education and health by supporting clinical and applied research projects that will advance methods of identifying, intervening and managing neurodevelopmental attention, language and learning disorders (NLD) so that children, adolescents and adults with NLD can be better helped.

Expected timeline

Year of the competition: 2023

Competition launch: May1, 2023

Deadline (receipt of applications): May 31, 2023, 4:30 p.m.

Announcement of results: September 2023

Funding start date: September 2023

Duration of funding: 1 year

Amount: One doctoral scholarship of $1,500 and one master's scholarship of $1,000

Eligibility: Graduate student at a Canadian university, Canadian citizen or permanent resident status, and engaged in clinical/applied research on NLD (Attention Deficit, Language and Neurodevelopmental Learning Disorders)

Download the TALAN 2023 Scholarship Program and the application form by clicking here :