Annual TALAN 2022 Training Day

Annual TALAN Training Day - October 28, 2022

In collaboration with Les Formations Spirale and led by Professor Arnaud Roy, a half-day session was devoted to the evaluation of executive functions in children, followed by a conference for the general public entitled "The impact of executive functions on academic and social skills".

8am to 12pm

Workshop on the EEF Battery: Executive Functions in Children

The objective of this continuing education course is to offer participants a half-day session devoted to the EEF battery with a presentation of the 12 tests that make up the battery, the psychometric qualities and one or two clinical case studies for illustration.

5 à 7!

The impact of executive functions on academic and social skills

Executive functions are high-level control processes that are central to the psychological development of the child. Their gradual emergence throughout childhood is the result of a complex interaction between the physiological maturation of the brain's prefrontal networks and numerous environmental factors.

The development of fundamental school learning and, more generally, of knowledge, interpersonal skills and know-how is intimately linked to the proper development of executive functions. In fact, their particular vulnerability in many clinical contexts (neurodevelopmental disorders, acquired brain lesions, psychopathologies) is essential to consider in order to best support children with special educational needs.